Episode 5: Personality Disorders Are Valid

Nina gets a GitHub account, and the first thing she worries about is whether a mob will cancel her there. Corinna debates coming out as non-binary. Is “human” a gender, or still a species? After some discussion, we agree that all identities, tribal affiliations, cult memberships, and personality disorders are valid, so please don’t cancel us.

Nina’s new art/software project: https://blog.ninapaley.com/2021/02/17/mystic-symbolic-the-developening/

One thought on “Episode 5: Personality Disorders Are Valid

  1. I’ve listened to several episodes, and I was going to commend your bravery and your brevity, but for the last thing you said in this one. I have a small collection of psychiatric diagnoses, and Asperger’s.

    It seems that alienating the left and the right weren’t adequate. Moderates in therapy can keep their money, too.

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