Episode 39: Elizabeth Hungerford

The Dorx speak with attorney and feminist Elizabeth Hungerford, co-author of a seminal 2011 letter to the UN about gender identity’s impacts on sex-based rights. Should feminists ally with conservatives? Should genderism be classified as a religion? Do we criticize gender, or abolish it? Is sex-blindness a spectrum? Who wears a potato sack better, Corinna or Nina? Is it easier to fool men than women, about sex? Can taboos be beneficial? Hungerford bravely withstands being mint-chocolate-chip-shamed by Nina, in this gentle, respectful, and deep exchange of ideas and “yucking someone else’s yum.”

The Radical Notion: https://theradicalnotion.org/
Detransition: Beyond Before and After by Max Robinson: https://www.spinifexpress.com.au/shop/p/9781925950403
Feminist Ethics by Sarah Hoagland: https://www.sarahhoagland.com/sarahhoaglandles.html