Episode 38: The Grift Episode

Corinna and Nina discuss podcast-related expenses, such as microphone covers, multi-track remote recording service, and Fried Tofu w Numb Oil. For the first time, the Dorx ask for donations, but only for a few minutes, after which they change the subject to JK Rowling’s Twitter namechecks and the importance of talking to your godchildren about the transcult. Nina confronts her Internalized Transphobia and learns about Inner Pronouns, while Corinna reveals his many deadnames, and the sock-shaped hole in his heart. Then they ask for money again, before talking about used handkerchiefs. It’s the kind of quality content you expect from Heterodorx, and it’s worth supporting!

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#807 Fried Tofu w Numb Oil https://www.goldenharboronline.com/menus


One thought on “Episode 38: The Grift Episode

  1. This cartoon is so inappropriate. Regardless of where you stand on gender ideology, there are real people going through real trauma and trying to solve it. This cartoon is so filled with ridicule and hate, I’m gobsmacked. it is the first time I’ve seen that the word TERF is deserved. I really hope you take it down. It makes very bad look for reality-based feminism.

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