Episode 3: Everyone Expects the Spanish Inquisition

For no reason in particular, Corinna wants to talk about the Spanish Inquisition, which was originally the Inquisition of Heretical Depravity. Since we strictly forbid any form of heresy in this safe space, it hardly makes sense on why the Inquisition would be germane. In completely different news, Corinna and Nina talk about the New York Times parting ways with David McNeal, its foremost science reporter, after he was overheard uttering a blasphemous word in the company of children from wealthy families. Nina talks about the importance of courage, especially as it reflects on mental health, and Corinna challenges the idea of whether courage even exists.

New York Times fires Donald McNeil: https://news.yahoo.com/ny-times-star-reporter-fired-214228379.html

Shelby Steele’s documentary “What Killed Michael Brown” https://whatkilledmichaelbrown.com

One thought on “Episode 3: Everyone Expects the Spanish Inquisition

  1. This podcast is excellent! I just listened to all the recordings and episode 3 is my favorite so far. A stand-out moment was when Nina said that she had faith in reality. I’m looking forward to future episodes, and now to check out that documentary you mentioned!

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