Episode 139: Ideology Obscuring Orientation with Jules Louise

Jules Louise was same-sex attracted, but more importantly she wanted to be a Good Person and “safe space for others” — so wound up married to a man. How did that happen? In this nuanced, heartfelt, and open conversation, Jules recalls her indoctrination into an ideology which destabilized her understanding of the world and herself, and her later emergence, along with that of her husband, detransitioned autogynephile Ray Alex Williams. We discuss Social Justice Camp, the Five Isms, hormones, polyamory, crossdressing vs dressing in crosses, internalized homophobia, Marxist Feminist analysis, the importance of material reality, phenomena, reconceptualizing vulnerability, and leaving the cult of gender for the cult of Taylor Swift. Plus: Cori correctly guesses the sex of a “they,” Nina is a cruel and horrible person who will never be invited to dinner at some people’s houses, and a proposed TERF-Tranny Christmas in July!


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Nina’s Sex-Pozzie Memoirs: https://4w.pub/sex-pos-memoirs/

The Man Who Would Be Queen by Michael Bailey (free PDF): https://faculty.wcas.northwestern.edu/JMichael-Bailey/TMWWBQ.pdf

Caliban and the Witch by Silvia Federici: https://www.akpress.org/calibanandthewitch.html

The Lesbian Heresy: a Feminist Perspective by Sheila Jeffreys: https://sheila-jeffreys.com/book/the-lesbian-heresy-a-feminist-perspective/


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3 thoughts on “Episode 139: Ideology Obscuring Orientation with Jules Louise

  1. Hello from Des Moines, “French for ‘the Moines'”, as some like to say.

    Thank you for your podcast. I find the content interesting to the max, but your tones and attitudes are what drew me into your conversations. I like that both Corinna and Nina are smart, funny, and interesting while maintaining respect and openness to perspectives they disagree with. Especially with the state of political conversations the way they are anymore, I really appreciate hearing from people that aren’t interested in aligning themselves with one of two ideologies.

    All the best from Iowa,


    • Hear hear!

      Plus, I want to see that “Suck Dick or Shut Up” merch. Christmas is just around the corner!

  2. I enjoyed hearing Jules talk about waking up from the trans trance. I admire the courage that must have taken, particularly around losing the connections formed in the community. One thing I often don’t hear is about parents of folks caught in the cult. I am a parent of a 36 year old who has been wandering in the trans world for years but began medically transitioning two years ago. Immediately he cut off his very liberal, caring and supportive parents and sibling. All of a sudden I became a bigot to my wonderful, caring son who I was previously close to. Any attempt to question or talk was met with ‘leave me the fuck alone’. It was interesting to hear Jules experience with her friend when she became questioning. i am involved with several parent sites, but I notice that when listening to detransitioners, or questioners, they seldom talk about their parents. Many of us have been devastated by the anger and vitriol that came at us from our previously loving and caring children. Corrina I don’t recall hearing you talk about your parents, or family. My son has not talked to me for 2 years. I am 68 and my husband 73 we are heartbroken. Extended family are mostly ‘woke’ and unsupportive. We have lost so much of our previous community and have few places where we can talk about our experience for fear of being misunderstood and vilified. Thanks for this episode. I admire Jules’ wisdom, clarity and maturity.

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