Episode 137: Man of Steele with Eli Steele

Eli Steele’s documentaries challenge narratives favored by guilty white liberals such as Nina before she got canceled by her own tribe. His latest, Killing America, connects the demise of honors classes and other merit incentives in US schools, with the rise of “liberation ideologies,” antisemitism, and the erasure of history. We discuss The Age of White Guilt by Eli’s father, Shelby Steele; feminism; indulgences; fraudulent copyright claims; Hamas; Israel; sandworms; alternative film distribution; and Jews on Pluto. Born profoundly deaf, Steele has a “deaf accent” that may require extra attention to understand, but his ideas are unusually clear.


What killed Michael Brown: https://whatkilledmichaelbrown.com/

Killing America: https://x.com/Hebro_Steele/status/1776396571699294718?lang=en

The Age of White Guilt: https://blog.ninapaley.com/2019/08/18/the-age-of-white-guilt-and-the-disappearance-of-the-black-individual-by-shelby-steele/

Sita Sings the Blues: https://www.sitasingstheblues.com/watch.html

Man of Steele Productions: https://www.manofsteeleproductions.com/

The Internet Archive: https://archive.org/