Episode 104: To Speak or Not to Speak? with Olivia

Olivia works on the front lines of America’s public education system, teaching in the Pacific Northwest. So dangerous is her line of work that she’s choosing to remain semi-anonymous — for now. What will it take for her, and others witnessing State-ordered genderist indoctrination of children, to say something? Corinna gently reminds that we have to be able to say some things are wrong, while Nina says this may be everyone’s last chance to speak out before it’s “cool” (and then passé). Olivia explains how teachers are in a bind, and unless the spiral of silence gets broken, public schools face an even bleaker future.


Genspect: https://genspect.org/

Gender A Wider Lens podcast: https://gender-a-wider-lens.captivate.fm/

The Milgram Experiment: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milgram_experiment

Rona Duwe, German feminist: https://substack.com/@ronaduwe

Gender Wars cards (are they appropriate in the classroom?): https://www.heterodorx.com/gender-wars-cards/

FAIR Educators Alliance: https://www.fairforall.org/fair-educators-alliance/

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