Episode 69: Fediverse Follies with Alex Gleason

Where do you go when you get banned by fecebook and twitter – or, conversely, when you think mainstream social media isn’t censoring enough? To the Fediverse, where free-speech refugees and would-be Orwellian dictators form ever-more polarized online communities. Returning Heterodork Alex Gleason, who created the popular Soapbox platform, relates some recent behind-the-scenes Fedi drama. The same tribal politics skewing […]

Episode 8: Guest Heterodork Alex Gleason

Heterodorx welcomes its first guest, serial social network creator Alex Gleason. Alex created Soapbox.FE, the software running feminist social media platform spinster.xyz and Nina’s own neenster.org, among others. His next project, Tribes, aims to make it easy and painless for anyone to start their own fediverse server by pushing a few buttons. The Dorx cover technology, the sociology of social […]