Episode 86: Alice Dreger vs. Colin Wright

This very non-representative episode of Heterodorx is the recording of the formal, timed debate between Alice Dreger and Colin Wright, which was held live Monday December 7 2022. They set out to resolve the claim, “Biological sex is real, immutable, and binary.” Did they succeed? Listen and decide for yourself! 


Dreger-Wright debate on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2aKX8Mcz9Q&ab_channel=CorinnaCohn

Episode 85: Good Trans, Bad Trans with Katy Montgomerie

After some small talk about the holidays, trans YouTuber, activist, and social media bon vivant Katy Montgomerie cheerfully and calmly explains how Gender Criticals aren’t feminist, believe in sexed souls, advocate for the elimination of trans people, and want to ruin Katy’s life. Unlike the sucking-up-to-the-oppressor trans friends of JK Rowling — whom Katy claims is openly hostile to trans people — Katy is NOT “one of the good ones.” Katy is, however, a good sport, and clearly elucidates a set of moral and policy positions. Good or bad? Listen and decide for yourself!


Katy Montgomerie on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KatyMontgomerie

website: https://katymontgomerie.com/

Adult Human Weirdo T-shirts: https://nina-paley-shirts.creator-spring.com/listing/adult-human-weirdo

T: The Story of Testosterone by Carole Hooven: https://us.macmillan.com/books/9781250236067/tthestoryoftestosteronethehormonethatdominatesanddividesus

The Dreger-Wright debate (December 12 2022): https://youtu.be/K2aKX8Mcz9Q