Episode 79: The Un-Flat World of Simon Edge

Simon Edge’s most recent novel, The End of the World is Flat, lampoons the corruption and inversion of Stonewall and other LGB organizations from the safe distance of satire. While Edge was evolving from slightly bitter young journalist, to married and socially-integrated author, the institutions that once represented him were losing their hearts, souls, minds, and constituencies. We discuss the failures of journalism, the benefits of gaining perspective with age, the power of Low-Income Privilege, and Owen Jones, who is as quintessentially British as tea and crumpets but less appetizing. Plus, Corinna sings our beloved intro jingle, and Nina pledges to cling to corrosive resentments rather than forgive. It’s not really the end of the world, it just feels like it sometimes.


The End of the World is Flat: https://www.amazon.com/End-World-Flat-Simon-Edge/dp/178563240X

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Episode 78: Pride and Prejudice

In this impromptu, unedited, and super-fresh episode, Corinna discusses the Spencer Pridefest, “the largest rural LGBTQ+ gathering in the state of Indiana.” How do ever-changing flags and identities impact the sticker-and-trinket-seller economy? Should kids be having sex? Do gay people exist any more? What the hell happened since the 1990’s? See Corinna’s photos at heterodorx.com.

Episode 77: Gimme That Old-Time Transsexualism with Buck Angel

Parent, pornographer, and kinky icon Buck “Tranpa” Angel joins the Dorx for some good old-time tranny talk with Corinna, plus some new-time TERF talk and female bonding with Nina (both have had hysterectomies). We discuss Instagram censoring Buck’s recent interview with a young survivor of medical interventions; PayPal penalizing wrongspeak; porn, finance, and the law; Teletubbies; detransitioners; orgasms; misogyny; cowardice; the importance of not transing children; and whether Nina gives off a “butch lesbian vibe.” Nina mis-sexes Buck twice, and Corinna reveals more about “trans-affirming health care” causing sexual disability. We laugh, we cry (inside), and we take everything less seriously than the “queer activists” of today.


Buck Angel on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BuckAngel

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Our Kate Bornstein episode: https://www.heterodorx.com/podcast/episode-72-auntie-kate-uncle-nina-and-mx-cohn-with-kate-bornstein/

Gays Against Groomers: https://www.gaysagainstgroomers.com/