Episode 67: An Education on Education with Dr. Lyell Asher

First, please listen to Dr. Lyell Asher’s video, Why Colleges Are Becoming Cults. Then come back to hear more about the low quality of ed schools, the supply of racism not meeting demand, how supporting free speech is an “employment killer”, cowardly Boards of Directors, tenure, race as a distraction from class, administrative bloat, and grade inflation. Plus, Nina reveals her plans to kill trans people by inviting them on long bike rides when they’re out of shape, and Corinna wishes there were more Marxists.

Whole lotta related links:

Why Colleges Are Becoming Cults [Full Series] | Dr. Lyell Asher https://youtu.be/0hybqg81n-M

Episode 66: Truscum Talk with Evie

Evie, a pseudonymous transsexual, claims True Transsexuality is a physiological condition akin to intersex, arguing childhood medical transition is a corrective for “prenatal hormone exposure, abnormal androgen receptors and physiological brain differences”. The Dorx may not agree, but have a productive and interesting conversation as Evie refreshingly backs up arguments with evidence (of varying validity) instead trying to weasel out with postmodern doublespeak. There should be more conversations like this.

Trans surgeon Marci Bowers on early transitioners’ anorgasmia: https://twitter.com/DonovanCleckley/status/1521625518394773505

Episode 65: Gods, GITs, and Religion with Colette Colfer

Colette Colfer, lecturer in Religious Studies at SETU, discusses some religious aspects of Gender Identity Theory (GIT), including faith in the unprovable; hierarchical community; holy days, festivals, and symbols; heresy and blasphemy; and a a way to be born again. But there are also differences, notably the absence of God. Nina attempts to explain this with a theory of “distributed God”, while Corinna describes gender apostasy. Are we getting less religious? What is the difference between a religion and a cult? What is Reality? Hear answers, and more questions, in Colfer’s delightful Irish accent (and the Dorx’s unexceptional American ones).

Colette Colfer on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ColetteColfer

A New Religion: https://www.broadsheet.ie/2022/04/26/colette-colfer-a-new-religion/