Episode 38: The Grift Episode

Corinna and Nina discuss podcast-related expenses, such as microphone covers, multi-track remote recording service, and Fried Tofu w Numb Oil. For the first time, the Dorx ask for donations, but only for a few minutes, after which they change the subject to JK Rowling’s Twitter namechecks and the importance of talking to your godchildren about the transcult. Nina confronts her Internalized Transphobia and learns about Inner Pronouns, while Corinna reveals his many deadnames, and the sock-shaped hole in his heart. Then they ask for money again, before talking about used handkerchiefs. It’s the kind of quality content you expect from Heterodorx, and it’s worth supporting!

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Episode 37: Abolishing Gender, Not Sex, with Kara Dansky

The Dorx welcome lawyer, gender abolitionist, and fierce feminist Kara Dansky, who has just released a new book, The Abolition of Sex: How the “Transgender” Agenda Harms Women and Girls. Dansky fills us in on the ACLU’s “unlikely allies,” the disgraceful biases and failures of American mainstream media, and that she might soon drop the term “Gender Critical.” It’s a stimulating, challenging, and thought-provoking conversation.





Episode 36: Bad Science with Maneesh Yadav

Maneesh Yadav has a PhD in…SCIENCE! Chemistry, to be precise, and his favorite molecule is porphine. Is that enough expertise to guide Nina through the morass of COVID misinformation confronting her online? From Tamiflu and arsenic life, to calling women “bodies with vaginas”, the Dorx explore why science journals and institutions have lost so much credibility in recent years.



Arsenic Life

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Adam Curtis)

Episode 35: Down the Motherhood Well with Lisa Marchiano

Jungian analyst Lisa Marchiano takes the Dorx on a journey through myth and folktale as she discusses stories from her recent book, Motherhood. Following the classic arc of descent and return, Corinna drops the sarcasm for literally minutes before noting the sexist and exclusionary title. Nina promises to ban this deep and compelling tome, because as a non-mother it’s not specifically about her. This is an unusually profound and calming episode, so definitely don’t buy this book or check it out from a library near you!