Episode 14: Against Allies

This week’s mercifully short episode opens with both Nina and Corinna exhausted from dealing with Internet bullshit. Corinna talks about being drawn into the manipulative abuse of a transphobic gay man on Clubhouse. Nina reminisces about an organization that used to exist to help poor women have access to reproductive health resources. In between, Corinna goes on a magnificent rant against “allies,” which should be bronzed for posterity. If you listen to only 2 minutes of Heterodorx, start at 08:00 of this episode.

Episode 12: Kickin’ it Old-Skool with Miranda F@%#*&g Yardley

Corinna and Nina enjoy a delightful conversation with stunning and brave intelligent and funny transsexual Miranda Yardley, author of such memorable bons mots as, “lighten up trannies, this used to be fun” and “a quick note on pronouns: I don’t give a shit.” While Miranda and Corinna recall alarming changes in the trans community over recent decades, Nina sadistically oppresses both of them with her cis privilege. Joking aside, Miranda has been the target of some extreme bullshit, online and more importantly in the English legal system, and shares some war stories here.

Miranda’s blog: https://mirandayardley.com/en/

Nina’s 1997 appearance (as “Grace,”with the Church of Euthenasia) on Jerry Springer: https://vimeo.com/409243819

Episode 11: Anger Management for Online Stupidity

Nina discusses how she manages rage with the heat of a thousand suns triggered by Internet bullshit she shouldn’t care that much about. Corinna confesses to some high-running emotions after an encounter with other bullshit on the new app Clubhouse. At 27:35 Nina mis-sexes a male who is definitely not a pedophile, and at 32:00 she goes on an important rant against coerced pronouns. Finally, she declares a new identity as a CERC (pronounced “curse”).

Graham Linehan’s substack: https://grahamlinehan.substack.com/

Nina’s argument tweets: https://spinster.xyz/@ninapaley/posts/A5jcIonm22fqw6apVo