Episode 10: I.P. Everywhere! Featuring Guest Heterodork Stephan Kinsella

Get ready for some hardcore Libertarian nerd-talk, as Corinna goes head-to-head with Stephan Kinsella, author of Against Intellectual Property, and Libertarianism’s foremost critic of copyright and patents.  Thrill to dazzling theories of labor vs. action, restrictive covenants, negative easements, burdened estates, nuisances, limitations, consent, redistribution of rights, triangular intervention, property, scarcity, value, allocation of contestable resources, conflict, trade secrets, the Patent Bargain, disclosure, distortion, abolishing the FDA…wait, what? By the end of the episode, Corinna suffers a long-overdue crisis of faith. SUCCESS!

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Episode 9: Heterodorx Gets Schooled by MK Fain

Corinna and Nina discover what happens when they interview someone more articulate than either of them: MK Fain, the youthful Doyenne of feminist social media. She is the founder of Spinster.xyz, co-founder of Ovarit, publisher of 4w.pub, and co-host of the Identity Crisis podcast. We touch on free speech and pornography, and its upcoming technology frontier. As the discussion goes into intellectual property, MK corrects Corinna’s misconceptions of who really benefits from copyrights.

Find MK on Spinster: https://spinster.xyz/@mk

Copyright is Brain Damage by Pina Naley: https://youtu.be/XO9FKQAxWZc

Episode 8: Guest Heterodork Alex Gleason

Heterodorx welcomes its first guest, serial social network creator Alex Gleason. Alex created Soapbox.FE, the software running feminist social media platform spinster.xyz and Nina’s own neenster.org, among others. His next project, Tribes, aims to make it easy and painless for anyone to start their own fediverse server by pushing a few buttons. The Dorx cover technology, the sociology of social networks, and adamantly avoid talking about the weather. You can find Alex at his fediverse server, gleasonator.com.

Episode 7: (C)ommunity $tandards

What’s the difference between “community standards” and censorship? How do we determine what books to include and exclude from libraries? Why does the Dr. Seuss estate get to decide what Dr. Seuss books stay in print? Is copyright censorship, as Nina asserts? What’s the difference between plagiarism and copyright violation? In an uncharacteristically focused and coherent conversation, Nina and Corinna discuss these questions and more. Then, Jesse and Katie chip in with some ideas on how to close each episode.

The Surprising History of Copyright and The Promise of a Post-Copyright World by Karl Fogel: https://questioncopyright.org/promise

The Internet Archive vs the Authors Guild: https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20200330/18125844202/publishers-authors-misguided-freakout-over-internet-archives-decision-to-enable-more-digital-book-checkouts-during-pandemic.shtml

For 30 Years, I’ve Tried to Become a Woman. Here’s What I Learned Along the Way by Nina Paley: https://quillette.com/2020/06/22/for-30-years-ive-tried-to-become-a-woman-heres-what-i-learned-along-the-way/

Copyright is Brain Damage, a 2015 talk by Nina: https://youtu.be/XO9FKQAxWZc