Episode 51: Potty Mouths

While some Radical Feminists consider bathrooms (aka toilets) a distraction from more salient and enforceable realms of prisons, shelters, sports, and therapeutic settings, for others they represent the front lines of women’s boundaries in public space. Nina and Corinna have an honest, long-postponed, and undoubtedly controversial discussion about the reality of who uses which toilets, when, and why. But first, they discuss how the TERF-Tranny Alliance is accelerating the Apocalypse, the history of the term “gender critical,” and the difference between “pet trans” and actual pets. This episode is sure to piss off just about everyone!
Genspect Detransition webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnvZvqwIR7o
Does Sex Matter? 2019 panel discussion at the Urbana Free Library, featuring Corinna Cohn, Carey Callahan, and Nina Paley. Talk: https://youtu.be/RguD61siLB8
Q & A: https://vimeo.com/326585294

Episode 50: Cynthia Breheny Literally Erases by Drawing

The Dorx chat with Cynthia Breheny, a sexist, racist, and transphobic artist who perverts free speech and art as a means to hurt people. OR DOES SHE?? Perhaps she’s a sweet, young, unusually moderate illustrator with her own interesting history of gender dysphoria and heterodox gender-diverse friends. Nina, as Elder Artist and TERF, imparts her aged wisdom upon the young’un, while Corinna is unafraid to face accusations of “erasing” kinky toddlers. Is there hope for the future? Maybe!

Cynthia Breheny of Twitter: https://twitter.com/PTElephant

Website: https://www.ptelephant.com/

It’s impossible to capture the beauty of the Dorx, but Breheny tried.

Episode 49: MK Fain Wants to Keep Fighting

Corinna and Nina welcome back MK Fain, creator of women’s social network Spinster.xyz and online feminist news publication 4w.pub. Life has dished out some tough lessons in the intervening 10 months, and Fain is a fast learner. She shares newfound wisdom about having a life outside “the Movement,” purity spirals, Truth mills, scapegoating, infighting, fracturing, and cults. After resolving not to join anything in 2022, Fain becomes the newest member of the TERF-Tranny Alliance, and Nina looks forward to Death. Then the Dorx get philosophical about the difference between oppressors and leaders, the nature of human hierarchies, telling the truth as well as questioning it, writer’s block, and spaying and neutering our pets — and ourselves. Somehow all this inspires Fain to continue her fight for justice; maybe she’ll inspire you too.

Episode 48: Bully-Proofing the Grown-ups with Stella O’Malley

After Nina goes on about copyright abolition again, our delightful guest discusses her new book, Bully-Proof Kids (© Stella O’Malley 2022). All the adults in this conversation have been – and are currently being – bullied by other adults; will techniques for kids and families work for us too? The power to make or break bullies is in the hands of bystanders, whom O’Malley urges to become upstanders. Nina and Corinna are cynical as ever, and at one point sound like mental patients arguing with their therapist. Did we mention O’Malley is a therapist? She’s got her work cut out for her, in this episode and beyond!